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  • 2008-09-22 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for September 22, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.4/2.5

No new issues

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

  • SAK-13146 Add custom form as an option on main page of wizard. Chuck Hedrick wasn't on call to discuss his progress.
  • SAK-13719 Matrix tool / tracking permission changes (IU). IU went be going live with this last Thursday. Lynn will demo the changes on Breeze at the October 6th teleconference
  • SAK-14417 Redesign Portfolio User Experience. UM will demo the changes in the SAK-14417 branch next Monday, September 29th.
  • LOI has proposed building an Evaluation-centric Workflow Engine for Sakai
    • They are interested in user stories from other institutions on how this could be applied
    • Multiple Workflows within one Sakai instance would be supported
    • Allowing a user to select from a pre-defined workflow would be an improvement over the current multi-step options needed to implement a workflow with portfolios/matrices
    • UM is looking at alternatives to the Assignment submit, return, resubmit workflow that would support a collaborative mode – this might be an application for the workflow engine
    • Sean was interested in preserving a version history – this could be included as an API option, but should not be implemented in the workflow to keep the scope focused
    • UM use of the Matrix workflow (collection, reflection, evaluation, etc) does not fit how it is being used in many of our projects and a generic workflow engine could help solve this.
    • Beth supports a research-based application of Sakai that is interested in the Checklist, and would be interested in integrating this workflow engine with external applications via web services
    • Event notification (e.g. email, web-services) would be a requirement
    • How should this be contributed to the community?
      • Suggestion: Start this as a contrib tool with frequent updates to the sakai-dev list (parallel the Email Template component).
      • Suggestion: Provide a simple application of the workflow (e.g. proposal document collaboration, iteration, review, submission
      • Suggestion: OSp could be a good target appliation
      • Suggestion: survey existing workflow options
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