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  • 2008-09-15 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for September 15, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.4/2.5

No new issues

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

  • SAK-14165 Portfolio assembly is slow with many completed Forms. There are patches attached to the ticket, but they are not going into 2.6 because of the kernel change (kernel code freeze has already happened).  Maybe they will go in 2.7. UM will be running the patches in production.
  • SAK-13146 Add custom form as an option on main page of wizard. Chuck Hedrick wasn't on call to discuss his progress.
  • SAK-13719 Matrix tool / tracking permission changes (IU). IU will be going live with this on Thursday. Lynn will do a demo sometime afterwards.
  • SAK-14417 Redesign Portfolio User Experience. Beth created this ticket as a place for tracking plans for the Portfolio Tool redesign. It links to Nathan's mockups and also to a page for adding requirements.

New Development for 2.6

There will be no real functional changes, just UI. There shouldn't be any database changes. In the first page of Nathan's mockup, the comments are shown as a live link, suggesting you can click on the link and view comments. This would be a change. Should we remove comments from the bottom of the portfolio page and add them as a separate page, or should we just remove the live link in the dashboard? Beth will send email to list about it.

We reviewed sharing in the screenshots of the proposed Portfolios tool UI rework by Nathan Pearson. We discussed how to implement share by role. If share by role is implemented as "add the users who are currently in the site with that role," then new users added to the site won't be able to see the portfolio. Will Trillich suggested a checkbox saying, "share with all users of this site". This would be more complicated to implement.

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