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  • 2008-08-18 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for August 18, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.4/2.5

No new issues

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

  • SAK-14162 Share screen for Portfolios should list only containing site's roles. Beth implemented this so that the default is to show only the roles for the site, but with a button that allows you to show roles from all the sites the user belongs to.
  • SAK-14206 display of OSP portfolio is too slow. Since it takes a long time to build the XML object that is used to display a portfolio, it makes sense to cache it for a little while (5-15 min.). That way the first page will take a while to display, but subsequent pages will be fast. This cache should be purged if the forms, portfolio, or portfolio template is modified.
  • SAK-14165 Portfolio assembly is slow with many completed Forms. Charles Hedrick thinks it makes more sense, both functionally and for efficiency, to only search the user's current worksite for forms.
  • SAK-14214 list of users to share can get impractically long; optionally limit users. Charles Hedrick included a patch to allow sites to limit the number of users displayed in the share list if the site has too many users. The limitation is done by role, so that you can list faculty members but not the students. This is controlled by a setting. He also alphabetized the list of names by the last token in the user's last name(SAK-14223].
  • SAK-14222 create portfolio page 2 is confusing. Charles Hedrick widened the multi-select boxes, which were too narrow, he sorts the list of files, and he prepends the parent folder name to the filename to help identify the file. He will add screenshots to the Jira item.

New Development for 2.6

  • Nathan Pearson will begin wireframes for proposed changes to the Portfolios tool. Please look at these before the next meeting.
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