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  • 2008-08-04 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for August 4, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.4/2.5

  • SAK-13343 In Portfolios tool, performance is a real problem when generating the page where the user selects the forms to include in the portfolio. Noah will write it up as a Jira. This issue is critical for large installations.

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

  • SAK-13146 Chuck Hedrick has implemented all changes except for sequential wizards. He will implement it there, too.
  • SAK-13719 (IUPUI) Matrix tool / tracking permission changes work continues, wizard permissions not currently in scope for IUPUI branch Breakthrough in the ability to view an assignment in other sites the user is a member of.
  • SAK-13917 default image upload to worksite/public Charles to send revised post to dev list

New Development for 2.6

  • Jan's writeup for the next call at Proposed Changes to UX for Portfolios Tool Expressed needs language should be tweaked – examples, details. Noah added that during assembly of a portfolio, users should be able to create a new page page
  • Discussion with Nathan Pearson about UX. It would be get him up to speed about what OSP is and does. We should invite him to the Monday morning call, so he can ask questions and we can explain. Jan and Tiffany will invite him for August 18th. Or maybe a conference call to clear up some basic questions he has. 14th in the afternoon works for Jan, Tiffany, Lynn, Erica, and Noah.
  • Combining email lists – there was a general feeling that we should not rock the boat.
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