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  • 2008-07-21 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for July 21, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.4/2.5

  • Can docx files be effectively handled by Resources and other tools, such as Portfolios tool. You can upload anything, but the Portfolio tool doesn't recognize them, so they can't be shared in a portfolio. Doesn't appear in the dropdown. Assign it to both OSP and Resource
  • Local publishing of portfolio layouts -- you can only publish layouts globally. Once you've created a portfolio template, it is hard to change mime-types -- should be a third ticket.
  • 10821 Bug fix -- Unable to clear option to allow portfolio comments. Steve Givens added it back to 2.4.x. Already marked as merged.
  • SAK-13917 Work Charles Hedrick did so that -- not on call to report
  • Chris has a patch for problem of form field enumerations displaying the value rather than the label. Need to check whether the patch fixes the problem for form viewing as well as creating.
  • 12962 Chris fixed. Should be added in Portfolio Admin so it is the default

New Development for 2.6

  • Lynn's mockup for reworked cells -- IU has started work on it.
  • Jan is working on notes from BOF in Paris and what Portfolio tool should be like. Will be on Design and Development page for 2.6
  • The default formCreate and formView files do not have an automatic update. Is this intentional? We are not doing it automatically, in case someone has modified their local copies, but the change is important, because we do things that depend on it. So the docs should explain how to make the change. We should have docs for OSP upgrade path 2.5 to 2.6 -- in formal Sakai upgrade docs. Maybe we should open a new Jira ticket assigning the task of checking the Sakai upgrade docs.

Next Meeting July 21th

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