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  • 2008-06-16 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for June 16, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.6

  • Beth will circulate and post a list of outstanding Jira issues so that people can vote on priorities for 2.6.
  • Evaluator Selection Redesign has been merged to trunk this week (following discussion on sakai-dev)
  • Community Ideas for Future OSP Releases Kristol will be sending out updated description of proposed permissions changes planned by IU
  • Add Forms and Attachments User Interface Rework When Lynn wrote up her proposal for enhancement for adding a form to a Wizard main page, whe also did a review of the UI and mocked up her proposed changes. These changes largely bring the wizard UI into line with the matrix UI, so that the same tasks are accomplished in the same way in both places. It was generally agreed that this is a good thing. We will review Lynn's proposal next week.
  • Noah will create a Jira to remove the site name from the form name in the matrix and wizard tools.
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