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  • 2008-04-07 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for April 7, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.4 Status

  • SAK-13210 - Save/Add Form generates Request Entity Too Large error. John Ellis posted a patch. Michican is working on reproducing the problem and testing the patch.
  • SAK-13335 - Suggested Feature for usability - no one signed up to implement
  • SAK-13337 - Sounds like a bug - if a coordinator is removed, materials are orphaned - no one signed up

Sakai/OSP 2.5 Status

  • SAK-13114 and SAK-12119 - No updates from last week
  • SAK-13336 - Aggregated Matrix Tool in My Workspace - Editing Matrix through My Workspace updates ownership and metadata of a Matrix - fixed and checked into trunk - Chris writing more details on ticket - trying to merge for 2.5.1 since it forces DBA involvement to fix
  • SAK-13304 - IU customizations for selecting feedback users aggravating multiple placements of helpers - JSTL contents in helper cause conflicting contextual stuff - Chris planning to capture best practice in Confluence
  • Site Info being placed in Portfolio sites - Fixed in trunk, waiting on merge to 2.5.x

LOI update on Multiple Evaluators

  • LOI read through user stories and extracted related functional requirements not needed for driving the scenarios
  • Distilled information into 3 basic scenarios (functional requirements page):
    1. Single Evaluation
    2. Multiple Independent Evaluations (no routing)
    3. Team Evaluation (one evaluation by a team, by way of routing)
  • Noah planning to produce state diagrams to go along with swimlane diagrams

Mark requested that we look at documentation this week and discuss on 4/14/08

Generic term "Evaluatable Item" used throughout docs because Assignments team is working on evaluations as well - not just Matrix Cells

Lynn wanted clarification on use of term "blind evaluation":

  • Mark: Two evalutors, independently creating evaluations where each cannot see the other's evaluation
  • Lynn: Anonymity of submissions

Update of IU / Goal Management

  • Discussion of enhancements planned for a future call - will be announced on list for call turnout
  • IU work needs to be ready for production in Fall, so discussion will be more about adopting or not adopting, as opposed to community design

LaGuardia Conference

  • Little developer representation
  • OSP meeting seems to be scheduled for mostly show-and-tell / updates

Paris Conference

  • Jan may be inheriting leadership of session planning - need clarification on participation for delivery of session
  • All-day community meeting on July 4th (post-conference) - agenda not yet developed
  • rSmart has suggested discussion of whole-suite cohesion and user experience (better integration into and throughout Sakai)
  • Need discussion for deciding agenda - about six hours of time

Nightly server build

  • Continuum build not yet set up
  • Chris going on leave - will discuss with him after (in about a month)
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