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  • 2008-03-24 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for March 24, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.4 Status

  • SAK-12956 Blank Pages in downloaded portfolio presentations: Fixed in 2.5 and patch applied to 2.4.x. Jan: issue with broken URLs? May be 7464.
  • SAK-13210 Save/Add Form generates Request Entity Too Large error. Beth is looking at it. Sees why it was a problem, wonders why it isn't a problem more often. John Ellis will try to look at it this week.

Sakai/OSP 2.5 Status

  • Sak-13114 Cannot delete imported matrix until first use - Beth looking at
  • 12119 Crash on IU test servers. Beth can't
  • 13205 Permissions from 2.4 to 2.5 not being upgraded correctly. John Ellis' code has been turned on. Beth put fix in 2.5.1. OSP USERS SHOULD APPLY THIS PATCH. Critical bug fixes should go in the branch and then gotten into 2.5.1

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and Beyond

  •  UM will be looking into scaling with groups
  • Lynn will schedule Breeze demo of IU developments
  • Continuum to manage builds. IU can't add anything to their servers, but UM is looking for a server to donate.
  • The sakai/osp/sql directory contains SQL statements to initialize OSP database tables, but these SQL statements are out of date. Jira 13249 was made to update it.

Laguardia Conference

4:30-6:30 Meeting on Thursday. Agenda:

  • We should do some kind of update on 2.6 for people who aren't on the call
  • Demo IU stuff?
  • Discuss other 2.6 ideas 
  • Plan OSP 1/2 day workshop in Paris. 
  • Plan for post-conference full-day meeting. Mary Miles has time penciled in on Friday. Last year's meeting was very useful, though it is not clear how much follow-up happened. Jan will find old meetings and make them available
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