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  • 2008-03-17 Conference Call
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Meeting minutes for March 17, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.4 Status

  • SAK-12956 Blank Pages in downloaded portfolio presentations
  • SAK-13210 Save/Add Form generates Request Entity Too Large error. Beth is looking at it. Sees why it was a problem, wonders why it isn't a problem more often.

Sakai/OSP 2.5 Status

  • Sak-13114 Cannot delete imported matrix until first use - Beth looking at
  • Lynn reports that two permissions-related Jiras have not been fixed correctly

Active Functional Proposals

Reviewed list of community ideas for proposals

  • Ability to create multiple matrix rows and columns
    Erica presented proposal to streamline creation of matrix rows and columns. The decision was made to write it up as a Jira (SAK-13222)
  • Feature review of Portfolio templates v. freeform portfolios: tabled until Jan and someone from LaGuardia are present
  • Decide when integration of assignments and matrices is no longer experimental. IU also has an integration of matrices and assignments that they should present.
  • Allow editing of evalutation: handled in jira SAK-13091

UM noted that they will definitely by developing in the following areas for 2.6:

  • Making Groups sckalable (currently there are problems with more than 30 or so groups) or, if that is not feasible, developing another mechanism to associate people
  • Getting Evaluator tool in My Workspace (like aggregeted view of matrices and portfolios in 2.5) 

Community Library Rebranding

Nate presented plan to move the OSP Community Library to the unaffiliated site, in order to make us a part of a bigger pedagogical community. There will still be a link from to a filtered view of the library, so you can still easily get to OSP-specific material. There will be an RSS feed to

Marist is dedicating one full and one part-time grad student plus an adviser to information architecture at the site. 

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