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  • 2007-11-26 OSP Conference Call
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QA status

Not a lot of change, probably due to Thanksgiving

Sean K mentioned that he is having issues with 2.4 portfolios. Students are getting the wrong portfolios. He will create a new Jira item for the problem.
Noah and Nate osp community site is ready to go live. Noah will send an email to everyone when the DNS change takes effect.
Beth wondered how we would track changes to the web site. We will create a new OSP component in Jira for tracking requests.

Development issues

  • U of M - still working on requirements for next release.
  • Indiana - still working on Goal Management - John plans on demoing the new features, perhaps during the conference (on Tuesday night) and during the conference call.

Some discussion happened about when the best time for the functional group to meet. Tuesday night may be the best night for that. Melissa has arranged for a BOF room for dinner time (~7-10pm).

Functional team

Question for developers: Could the Indiana GM feature set be a set of options that could be turned on and off?
How do we want to use our time to structure 2.6 requirements? The functional group will meet on two phone conferences on Thursday and Friday.

Jan is officially done with her tenure Friday. Someone else needs to pick up the torch. We elected her for another term in office with the caveat that we need to plan for

Sean mentioned that he created a use case from Erica's template for Syracuse. Ros mentioned that it looked good to her, with the exception that she would like to see some provision made for anonymous use cases.

Sean will translate to his Use Case scenario to conform to Erica's Wiki page template ( in Confluence.

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