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  • 2007-11-12 OSP Conference Call
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Outstanding Issues

  1. Some files unintentionally hidden
  2. Jan reports that forms have a default expiration date of 2 weeks
  3. How should hidden files be handled. There are at least two scenarios to consider:
    1. What behavior do we want for files when a matrix expires?
    2. Hiding structural files (e.g., xsds, xslts)from regular users, while leaving the visible (though perhaps grayed out) for the maintainer

Breeze Demo by Jan Smith on rSmart development of Goal Management

Jan presented 6 modifications that rSmart has made to the GMT to satisfy customer requirements. Beth Kirschner will enter them in Jira for consideration by the community.

The level of debate stimulated by these relatively modest changes led Jan to be more confident that we should have a policy of developing new features in a branch and only bringing them into trunk if they are agreed to by the community.

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