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  • 2007-10-08 OSP Conference Call
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Outstanding Issues

SAK-7464 Embedded images not passing through security adviser

Noah understands issue, but needs solution. Looking at Melete.

SAK-11754 If no evaluation form, students should not be able to submit

Beth will assign to herself.

11785 Styles cannot be published locally to a worksite. Must be published globally.

There is a permission in styles to publish locally, but you can't – there's no button. Was a decision made that styles are either yours or everyone's? Assigned to Chris Maurer, at least for comments.

SAK-11808 Removing a matrix causes null pointer exception when there is guidance

Chris Maurer working on it.


It is worrisome that QA is now rudderless without Lynn. Beth will confer with Megan and also familiarize herself with QA confluence pages, issues. Hannah will serve as our representative at the Wed. 12 QA Release Meeting.

Since OSP is now core, you can use osp tools on any server, but you won't always get osp-portal.

Progress on Test scripts

Erica in progress, Jan – going slow, but going.

Helpful QA links and info:

Test Instance page

The Notes column on this page gives helpful info about the configuration of the corresponding test instance (e.g., "DB restored from snapshot.
Using osp-portal and allowing creation of portfolio site types. Now includes the Goal Management tools from Syracuse."

QA Test Coordination Page Includes links to 2.4 scripts repurposed for 2.5 as well as new scripts written for functionality introduced in 2.5.

Note that the scripts written for 2.4 occasionally need to be updated to reflect new wording in the UI. Please update as you go.

QA Working Group Home.

Lots of links to help you get oriented:

OSP Community Library

Still on track for a launch for 10/22. Based of Will be swapped over to With help from Ernie, should be ready for planning meeting. Everyone take a fresh look at it. rSmart wants to meet with Noah about a compendium of data structures they are working on. They are working on a "component bundle", where you link together e.g., matrix, forms, styles, portfolio templates for unified experience.

Summit in Indiana

  • Next week is last conference call before the summit. If we don't have an agenda by then, we'll come up with one at the conference call.
  • Nothing formal seems to have been planned for Sunday night, but whoever is around can meet for dinner and start talking.
  • Florida and LaGuradia can't come, but they should make their issues, points known ahead of time. We'll set up conferencing.

Sakai Conference

10 more paper proposals to get through, but people should hear back relatively soon.

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