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  • 2007-10-01 OSP Conference Call
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Outstanding Issues with 2.5 Requirements

UI Sakai Compliance

Done except bug fixes

Community Library

Reassigned to Noah. They have added new fields to give more context for an artifact. (How is this data structure actually used). There are also some UI improvements, such as that the most popular/newest items float to top of list. They have worked out hosting with rSmart. They want feedback before they go public. Schedule: Changes done this week, review next week, publish by the summit

SAK-7464 Security Adviser not allowing embedded images through

Noah understands the problem. Melete has solved it. Trying to get that info.

Institutional Priorities

SAK-10832 Auto-populate a wizard/matrix page based on assignments

Beth fixed it.

SAK-11337 Handle Matrix/Wizard exporting with Assignments

Fixed. We need to think about how will we handle it for all tools

SAK-11545 Addendum to group filtering

Group filtering is in matrices but not in wizards. We decided to keep it in matrices, add it to wizards in 2.6.

"QA Issues of Note" on 2.5 Requirements page

Beth added "QA Issues of Note" to 2.5 Requirements page to cover things that come up now.

Sak-11754 Do not allow submission in a page that has no evaluation form associated with it

This is a major bug for 2.5, because in wizards you can't reset to "Ready" status like in the matrix tool.

We have a general issues with evaluation permission and who gets to evaluate (those with evaluation permission, versus the users specified as evaluators in the matrix cell). Apparently we ignore the evaluators who are specified in matrix cell. (Chris Maurer asserts that the Evaluations tool respects it, but not the Matrix tool.) In any case, anyone with Evaluate permission can go into Manage Matrices and evaluate anything. Unfortunately, the Evaluate tool makes you jump through hoops to get permission all the places you need it. You shouldn't have to coordinate your settings in multiple tools just to be able to evaluate.

Noah: we need to look at whole permission structure. We should take a half hour at the Summit to resolve:
What are the real roles and what are the actions. Who are the actors and what should they be able to do.

Jan pointed out that we are inconsistent between tools, no one has taken a bird's eye view.

At Summit we should at least have user documentation for permissions, since it won't be re-worked until 2.6.


Jan, Erica, and Tony will be writing scripts. Scripts needed this week so we can resolve problems found.

Sakai Conference

Proposals are being reviewed. Agenda still being finalized.

2.6 Summit

Oct. 22-23. John Gosney putting together agenda. Wants feedback. We should be getting an email with hotel, airport info.

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