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  • 2007-09-24 OSP Conference Call
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Review Outstanding 2.5 Issues.

Promoting to OSP to Core Status

UI compliance with Sakai Styleguide

Gonzalo has completed work on conformance with Sakai guidelines. There is a new Jira that may have to do with the UI cleanup. Will be assigned to Gonzalo.


Beth and Gonzalo have completed it.

UI Improvements

Sak-7464 Security Adviser not passing Embedded Images

Noah not present for update.


John Ellis determined that it was already fixed.

OSP Community Library

Nate, Melissa, and Noah discussed it last week. Melissa would like to see more descriptive fields, so she will give Nate project descriptions and Nate will create appropriate fields. Noah will send out email when new fields are up.


Florida is merging finished work into trunk. Should be there when next tag crated on Wed.

Exporting matrices bug

The primary use case seems to be for duplicating a site, which only requires a reference to the assignment (the fact
that it existed).


Lynn has done all the UI scripts she is likely to be able to do.
Marist, Erica at UM, and Jan will definitely work on testing, but others need to help. Lynn leaving town 10/1 for 3 weeks, and has to focus on other things now.

Permission changes

Existing sites now don't have permissions because we didn't do conversion. We set up default permissions for new sites, but not old. There is code in there to do the conversion. There is a flag you have to set. We should highlight that to get it in the Release Notes.

Problem with speed on nightly?

Sean reported that nightly is too slow to get through scripts. Lynn has been using qa2 for testing, and hasn't had particular problems. They'll check to see if they're out of tmp space or something.

Sakai Conference

Some categories have been merged. Beth will update. Looks like everything except Tools/Carousel has good coverage, but maybe the pre-conference talk will cover that.

2.6 Planning Meeting

John Gosney will be sending email about hotels, etc.
IU, in Indianapolis, is 15 min. from the airport with no traffic.

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