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  • 2007-09-10 Conference Call
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1. Review development status of outstanding 2.5 issues
2. QA for Sakai 2.5
3. December Sakai conference: should we coordinate OSP presentations?
4. Anything else I forgot...


Beth will add instructions for participating in meetings/accessing appropriate webpages on Confluence
Melissa will solicit input about having an OSP meeting at the end of the Sakai conference.

Review development status of outstanding 2.5 issues

UI conformance with Sakai Style Guide

Gonzalo proceeding well


Nate has library set up at (note: only 1 "p" in osportfolio) and almost ready for review. He will send out email soliciting comments. It is thought that Nate has been doing this in his spare time, and maybe UM or another institution should take it over from here. rSmart and UM have data structures to put up.

XSD Weaver

Working on localization.

SAK-10832 Autopopulate wizard based on assignments.

Work just about done. Will be an optional feature. Beth wants input from Gonzalo on appearance. Noah has a little more work to do on grouping.

SAK-10093 Downloading Portfolios causes an Error


Because updating the rSmart OSP help is complex, they have outsourced the project. Once their version is done, they'll decide when to make it available to the community. In view of the complexity it might be worth waiting for rSmart to finish this instead of trying to do it ourselves. It appears that 2.4.1 help should be available to rSmart by the end of month.

Aggregated view complete

Embedded Images

Thanks Indiana

Would be nice if someone could take this on.
rSmart does not have a fix for this, John will be working on it today


Lynn wants to work with Marist to get them started. They requested a list of the most critical bugs, but Lynn thinks that the first priority is to get scripts for new features for 2.5. The scripts are essentially electronic instructions for testers: take this step, and this is what you should see. Lynn has created a framework for the scripts and has volunteered to write some. The framework includes a link to the Jira item being tested so that the tester can get background.

There are pages in confluence that contain the complete set of scripts for 2.4. These need to be updated for 2.5 and run to be sure we haven't broken anything that used to work.

The timetable for new scripts: mid-to-late September.

Megan May announced that QA starts Monday. A number of her people are comfortable running scripts, but not writing them. Chris Mauer will set up osp2 so that we can do an initial run-through of old scripts. The main thing is to get the data set up. At the end of this week they'll take a snapshot of database, and that's what will get loaded at the beginning of each test cycle. People should start adding their own stuff now.

We should create matrices that tests as much as possible. UM will donate UROP (put it on osp2.) Jason has XSDWeaver-related stuff.

December Sakai conference

The deadline for submitting proposals is in 5 days. Jan and John rSmart are each planning to do one. IU also?
Melissa, who is on the program committee, is also organizing an intro session. She'll write a quick abstract for a placeholder, then the person who really handles it can fill it out. We want coverage for all major aspects, so maybe we should organize a topic list, then look for gaps. Melissa wants to include more pedagogy-related presentations. Someone proposed having a panel of people using OSP for different purposes. UM has something to say about lessons learned.

The top-level items would be:


Melissa will send out a reminder email about the deadline. Beth will put up a page on confluence, and we can add topics.

2.6 Planning Meeting

There is already a 2.6 Requirements page that now just contains everything that didn't make it into 2.5

IU is still working on finding a date that works for them internally. If IU has too much stuff going on with their roll-out, Michigan could host it. Lots of key IU players have commitments, esp. to POD. If we don't nail this down soon, people will have have new conflicts. Have date by mid-week?

Meeting after the Sakai conference?

Melissa will email people to see what works.

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