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  • 2007-08-27 Conference Call
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Pre conference discussion.

What to do when an institution has a need that not all institutions might consider crucial. Regarding SAK-10832, Beth K. has checked in a first pass of assignment/OSP interaction.

It is set up as property. Sean K: this is a good feature, but it should have popped up in the requirements. Things that have come in after the planning should go into a branch, and include later after it has been in public view. But branch work, maintenance and later merge add considerable overhead - and if the addition is a take or leave feature that is configurable?

Code freeze

OSP among others has some leeway in the code freeze date: September 15, say.

Next meeting

Since next Monday is a US holiday that celebrates labor by not working, propose that next meeting be Tuesday: the conference bridge will change - watch for mail when this is set.

Status reports

Promoting OSP as a Core Sakai Tool

SAK-10151 Reconcile the OSP portal with the new skinable Charon portal

More news soon

SAK-10151 Reconcile the OSP portal with the new skinable Charon portal

Meeting this afternoon to decide how to publish and integrate

Aggregated View

SAK-8207 Add event logging around user operations

Still working on the legal issues. Beth and/or Chris will look into integration next week.

Goal Management Tool

Many issues have been moved to 2.6

Improving the User InterfaceSAK-10832 Auto-populate a wizard/matrix page based on assignments

SAK-10730 Null Pointer when adding Guidance to matrix cell

Chris mostly done with it, some lingering issues.

SAK-10254 Allow addition of pre-defined metadata tags when creating an assignment (bettter integration with goals)

Not assigned, likely will be left for 2.6

SAK-10553 Add option to surpress "Select Item(s) on wizard cel/matrix page

Bryan H, might take a look at it this week. Looks simple.

SAK-10555 Give Coordinators full control over Matrix/Wizard page status

Chris fixed - did not follow Sean's mockups as thh3. Pre conference discussion.


SAK-10093 Downloading Portfolios causes an Error

John E. will look into this this week.

Meta-Tagging and Searching

OSP Library

No news.


See for progress:

Institutional Priorities

SAK-10832 Discussed above.


Lynn: Testing scripts set up for 2.4 make a good starting point for 2.5

Will probably focus on testing changes, since there is a lack of time - will copy the 2.4 pages and modify to suit - Lynn needs more bodies for updating these scripts and creating new ones...

The biggest time sink is recreating the environment for testing after each build. Megan proposes getting all the data set, then taking a snapshot that gets restored as each tag comes out - this will happen in the OSP QA server. Need to get the word out this is happenning. First build is tentatively scheduled for September 7th, so snapshot data should be ready by then.

Noah's specification templates are well suited to creating test case starting points. Erica Ackerman (Michigan, Jan after the 7th, Tony perhaps). Need people for writing and executing.

Planning meeting

Still no news.

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