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  • 2007-08-20 Conference Call
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Promoting OSP as a Sakai Core Tool

  • SAK-10335 Create Help Content for OSP Tools
    Hannah has talked to Peter - turns out that having Help may not be a blocker for CORE designation.
    Documentation exists in other forms - like Word, pdf. A first pass would involve reformating to HTML - what about the screenshots? the fact that
    the documentation targets 2.3?
    Will move the documetation from Required to Desired
  • SAK-10791 Review OSP User Interface for compliance with Sakai Style Guide
    Will incorporate reviews by Sean - a few more days for feedback, then a week's work.
  • SAK-10151 Reconcile the OSP portal with the new skinable Charon portal
    Already merged into trunk.
  • SAK-10452 Create out-of-the-box datastructures for initial use and test of OSP
    Still almost close to ready (95%).
  • SAK-11100 Add Tool Icons for OSP
  • SAK-10140 Portfolio tool with share of aggregated sites, roles, users
    Only issue open is add event login. Tony will be working on this this week, still some legal agreement issues.
  • GM-128 Remove taggable api from assignments into it's own project
  • GM-129 Make the taggable api more abstract/generic
    No news on this - Jim Pease has been busy with other things of late.
  • SAK-7464 Embedded images in resources not passing through security advisor
    Still no news...
  • SAK-8295 Auto naming forms should place some kind of numeric indicator when names collide in the same folder.
  • SAK-10341 In Wizards, user name order in drop down menu changes with each refresh
  • SAK-10350 Evaluation tool crashes when it encounters something owned by a deleted user
  • SAK-10730 Null Pointer when adding Guidance to matrix cell
    All above fixed. Thanks Indiana!
  • SAK-10093 Downloading Portfolios causes an Error
    A bug - so can wait after code freeze. If J Ellis has no time, Tony offered to help. May have already been fixed in RSmart release.

OSP Community Library

Now at 95%! Was 90% last week.


  • Working on 2.4 schema set, no changes in 2.5

Other matters

  • Assignments integration discussion
    Some ideas and use cases discussed for this integration. Please keep the comments coming to the list. Once the base functionality ios in trunk we will get molre definition.
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