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Review Development Status (

Promoting OSP as a Sakai Core Tool

  • SAK-10335 - "Create Help Content for OSP Tools" - Janice A. Smith - We need to have a first pass of help text in place by 9/1, but we can tweak it after that. rSmart probably won't have resources to convert their documentation to help text, so UM and/or IU should step up. John Gosney will discuss getting resources from the powers that be.
  • SAK-10672 - "osp perms need default settings" - Bryan Holladay done, but needs some tweaking.
    SAK-10151 "Reconcile the OSP portal with the new skinable Charon portal" - John Ellis has created an xsl-portal site on nightly. He will send email announcement.
    SAK-11100 - "Add Tool Icons for OSP" - Beth added as "desirable" and assigned to Chris Maurer as a placeholder assignee.

Aggregated View (no longer includes Dashboard in 2.5 timeframe)

  • SAK-10140, SAK-10135, SAK-10137, SAK-5979 - Beth Kirschner. Beth requested people look at the Portfolio share stuff she checked into trunk. Let her know what does or does not meet your expectations.
  • SAK-8207 "Add event logging around user operations" Tony Camilli - still working on legal release matters, but code is done.


Jim Pease is known to have committed changes, so he has svn permissions and is making progress.

Improving the User Interface

  • SAK-7464 "Embedded images in resources not passing through security advisor" - Joshua Ryan - John Ellis will get update on this. May not be finished in 2.5 timeframe.
  • SAK-8295 "Auto naming forms should place some kind of numeric indicator when names collide in the same folder" - Bryan Holladay working on it.
  • SAK-10730 "Null Pointer when adding Guidance to matrix cell" Chris Maurer - Once you've added guidance, you can never see your matrix again. Possibly related to Spring 2, because none of the OSP-related code has changed. This is a blocker.
  • SAK-10555 "Give Coordinators full control over Matrix/Wizard page status" Chris Maurer - Discussion started. This is easy to do, but should there be exceptions (e.g., for bulk changes)? Please give feedback!


  • SAK-10093 Downloading Portfolios causes an Error John Ellis - will be fixed today or tomorrow


Jason Buckner is chugging along. They have added a part timer. There is a page in confluence on the project that Jason may or may not update.

Institutional (UM) Priorities

SAK-10612 UI Filter by students assigned to instructor Noah Botimer - Noah is using groups for this filtering. He and Beth are still thinking some about permissions, but the basic approach is:

  • Superuser can always view all cells
  • There are four possible conditions:
    • No groups are defined for the site: you see a single list with all the site members
    • One or more groups are defined, but you are not in any of the groups: you see a message.
    • One or more groups are defined, and you are in one of the groups: you will see the list of users from just that group, with no group filter.
    • You are in multiple groups: you see the list of all of the combined users, and the group filter.
  • There should be a distinction between permissions for managing status v. reviewing.
  • Evaluate permissions should have view.all and
  • Noah has committed changes to make the group filtering work as one patch, but changes to permissions as a separate patch so they can easily be backed out if necessary.
  • Noah has created a SQL script to update permissions in the databases of existing installations.
  • Noah will create a site named "Group Test" on nightly so people can test it. He will send out a script with scenarios.

2.6 Planning Meeting at IU

*By Monday, 8/20/07* please use the Confluence table pointed to in Wende's email to indicate when you are available for the Sept/October meeting.

Formal 2.5 Specs/Use Cases

  • It turns out that QA needs use cases for all new features (due 8/1). Noah will confer with Megan May to develop a template that meets their needs. Then, everyone to whom a Jira item has been assigned should complete the template for their items and attach it to the Jira ticket.
  • Wende will forward the rSmart documentation to Megan, since she is concerned that people don't really know how to use OSP, which will make testing harder.
  • Admirations was expressed for the 2.4 QA scripts created by Don Eckert. We should have someone to coordinate/oversee all the steps in the QA process.
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