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  • 2007-08-06 Conference Call
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Requirement Updates

Promoting OSP as a Sakai Core Tool

  • SAK-10672 - "osp perms need default settings" - Bryan Holladay almost done, MS SQL server was added to the list and this is the only item that remains.
    SAK-10151 "Reconcile the OSP portal with the new skinable Charon portal" - John Ellis - have created branch to do work - involves making Page Order Tool tool-category aware.
  • SAK-10335 - "Create Help Content for OSP Tools" - Janice A. Smith - question - what version is it compliant with? Turns out 2.3, needs to be update - also needs to be sliced and plugged into the context sensistive help system - updating needs can be flagged as we the tool set for 2.5 - this way it will be in view and easy to spot when it goes out of synch. JAn will report on this next Monday
  • SAK-10791 - "Review OSP User Interface for compliance with Sakai Style Guide" - Gonzalo Silverio. Will start this week. Will also incorporate Sean K's review items.
  • SAK-10151 "Reconcile the OSP portal with the new skinable Charon portal" - John Ellis
  • SAK-10452 "Create out-of-the-box datastructures for initial use and test of OSP" Wende Morgaine was going to try to get some movement on this. Only 2 items are not going to get done - 1) community library and confluence id; 2) live import and export into Sakai of data structures. - will make public this week - then we can review
  • SAK-10858 "Tool list is far too long with OSP tools enabled - Consolidation requested" Noah Botimer - will take a look and at least get a mockup in place - since this is Sakai Site Setup needs buy in and configurability.

Aggregated View (no longer includes Dashboard in 2.5 timeframe)

  • SAK-10140, SAK-10135, SAK-10137, SAK-5979 - Beth Kirschner. Working on functionality, requests functional UX eyes on work.
  • SAK-8207 "Add event logging around user operations" Tony Camilli - still working on legal release matters


Jim Pease needs svn access to start on taggable API

Improving the User Interface

  • SAK-7464 "Embedded images in resources not passing through security adviso" - Joshua Ryan will comment on a fix proposed by John Ellis based on Melete.
  • SAK-8295 "Auto naming forms should place some kind of numeric indicator when names collide in the same folder" - Chris Maurer - will assign to Bryan
  • SAK-10350 "Evaluation tool crashes when it encounters something owned by a deleted user" Chris Maurer - tricky - will just need to hide it.
  • SAK-10730 "Null Pointer when adding Guidance to matrix cell" Chris Maurer - progress being made, can reproduce
  • SAK-10555 "Give Coordinators full control over Matrix/Wizard page status" Unassigned - IU will take on - Bryan, may need some additional discussion on list - since it has so many permutation possibilities.


  • SAK-10093 Downloading Portfolios causes an Error Unassigned - need to verify. rSmart may be willing to donate fix
  • SAK-10396 Apply layouts to the entire portfolio rather than to pages, similar to the styles. Chris Maurer - Resolved!


No updates - working on interface and logic

Institutional Priorities

Michigan Institutional Requirements: feel free to comment on SAK-10832 and SAK-10612
Others: feel free to tell about your institutional requirements

Other matters

  • SAK-10612 - some discussion about permissions, roles, making matrix and evaluations group aware - Noah will post a plan to list.
  • Planning Meeting: Wendy - has been trying to set up the 2.6 planning meeting need replies to proposed dates, please....
  • Also - should we plan on an OSP gathering for the Newport conference similar to planning meeting we had at the Amsterdam conference?
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