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  • 2007-07-30 Conference Call
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2.5 Requirements update

Promoting OSP as a Core Sakai Tool

Not much news, different areas have been assigned to different people.

  • SAK-10452 - "Create out-of-the-box datastructures for initial use and test of OSP" Wendy is going to query folks as to waht these datastructures should be - also integrate with community library issue.
  • SAK-10858 - Beth will ask Noah what his intentions are for "Tool list is far too long with OSP tools enabled - Consolidation requested"
  • SAK-10151 Reconcile the OSP portal with the new skinable Charon portal - on track --> will require changes in the portal component, probably on a branch that will merge later into trunk
  • SAK-10672 osp perms need default settings - on track - > looking for more elegant solution than database action

Aggregated View & Dashboard

  • Work/discussion started on SAK-10140 - "Portfolio tool with share of aggregated sites, roles, users"
  • No news on SAK-10149 OSP Dashboard Summary of Events (Activity Log) & Synoptic View" - if there are no developer resources we will have to drop from 2.5
  • SAK-10236 Email notification for portoflio work, matrix & wizard page submissions - also will be taken off requirements if there is no dev resources.
  • SAK-8207 Add event logging around user operations - Tony Camilli will see if can check in changes

Goal Management Tool

  • GM-128, GM-129 are the only ones that Jim Pease can work on (Taggable API)
  • Also - if there are no developer resources associated with an issue that issue will be taken off the 2.5 requirements list.
  • but will wait on rSmart for the word
  • SAK-7464 Embedded images in resources not passing through security advisor - assigned to Josh Ryan - John Ellis will query
  • A lot of issues assigned to Chris M by default - he might have some time for these, will keep these in list in any case


might remove everything except for

  • SAK-10093 "Downloading Portfolios causes an Error" since it is a bug
  • SAK-10396 "Apply layouts to the entire portfolio rather than to pages, similar to the styles" since Bryan Halliday has started work on this.


  • will wait on rSmart for the word

Meta-Tagging and Searching

OSP Community Library

  • almost there


xsdWeaver in trunk, for 2.5 and working well

Institutional Priorities

Folks are encouraged to share their institutional priorities in this section.

Other matters

Wendy encourages folks to let her know when they can come to the 2.6 planning meeting
SAK-10140 Portfolio tool with share of aggregated sites, roles, users - people should provide feedback now

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