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  • 2007-07-23 Conference Call
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Institutional updates

  • Michigan: aggregating portfolios and matrices on workspace done
  • La Guardia: some progress on event logs, voting on issues
  • rSmart: Jan described in a separate phone conference what rSmart was doing to adddess them for client (separate from 2.5 release, as is for client) and then rSmart will discuss what changes the community might think helpful. Contact Jan ( for more details.
  • Syracuse: plugging away at UI review
  • Noah: working on GMT
  • Florida: working on getting XSDWeaver to work in trunk and with Maven 2

Voting results

  • rSmart still to vote
  • Indiana still to vote
  • Voting seems to be going "right"


  • Documentation: exists, needs to be "formated" and donated by rSmart - Janice will track down where the content is - JIRA (SAK-10335) being assigned to Janice for tracking
  • SAK-10791 (Review OSP User Intefface for compliance with Sakai Style Guide) - coordinating with UI review led by Sean K. - with commitments from Michigan (Erica) and LaGuardia (Tony) perhaps

Future meetings

  • Some interest in a future F2F meeting - since Indiana was not in call, postpone discussion till next week.

Other things

  • Question about better tool picking when creating a site - OSP will add about 11 tools to the tool list, may be time to start thinking about picking "site types" or "categorizing" tool lists by site types
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