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  • 2007-07-16 Conference Call
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Michigan – working on aggregated views

Indiana – no osp work in past week; GMT stated as a priority

rSmart – riNet is consuming developer resources for next 6 months, though development will be merged back into sakai eventually (though not clear it will be in time for 2.5). Focus is on Assignments and GMT. Details will be forthcoming.

LaGuardia – working on event loggiing

George Mason – UI Review process

Syracuse – UI review process

Portfolio4U – mostly working on 2.4 upgrade issues; plans on contributing to UI review process


  • GMT is a priority amongst many institutions
  • Action item for next week: Use JIRA to vote on institutional priorities by next meeting
  • rSmart has portfolio templates that will collect data from assignments – JIRA issue created to merge this back into Sakai, after discussion between John Ellis and John Leasia
  • Wende to set up a separate call regarding gmt and assignments
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