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  • 2007-07-09 Conference Call
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UI Review

  • Shawn instituting a UI Review (see "Matrix UI Review" link on requirements page page)
  • Gonzalo & Darren (Portfolio) can also help
  • Darren would like framework for portfolio review (Shawn in initiate)

Production OSP Servers

  • Rhode Island (production) – rSmart
  • IU running on clustered production servers (16), but small implementation

Aggregated View (various definitions):

  • User can use portfolio in my workspace
  • publish portfolio within other groups other than tool it lives in
  • Original OSP functionality – ability to share portfolios with any user
    (not constrained by worksites) also groups of users
  • individual context and worksite users (and worksite groups or roles)
  • purpose to reduce boundaries (including restrictions on site-types)
  • we're talking about aggregating the worksites (not tools)

Dashboard View

  • closer to tool aggregation
  • Darren interested in design work
  • Darren to add interesting tool info (u missouri) with event dashboard

Institution's status review...


  • Beth working on aggregated views in matrix and portfolio tools

Indiana U

  • Chris M to meet tomorrow regarding focus (possibly GMT)
  • one new developer has limited java experience, other has ui/design skills

Unknown: Folks dedicated to GMT ??


  • Tony working on logging osp events

UCF starting work on template builder (Jason with UVA)
– XSD Weaver updates

Next Meeting:

Clarify priorities (and who IU and rSmart)

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