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  • 2007-07-02 Conference Call
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Notes: this week's call addressed the following areas:

1. who's in charge of each area?; 2: what should the requirements be for aggregated view?; 3. How are we going to proceed with the UI work & requirements?; 4. Can rSmart, Indiana and Michigan find some way to work on GMT and assignments so that rSmart doesn't have to fork the code?

we Need a coordinated conversation for integrating GMT and Assignments to examine if forking Assignments is necessary.
Janice will try to set this up in the very near future.

Noah Botimer, Chris Maurer, Sean Kessler, John Leasia, Jim Pease, Janice - will also need to find out if architecture folk are needed.

2.5 Requirements Ownership assignment

Promoting OSP as a Sakai Core Tool
rSmart & ???
Aggregated view
Michigan & ???
LaGuardia focused on SAK-10140 mainly
Chris Maurer's assignment to JIRAs in this section needs to be revised
Next step is to justify and clarify the notion of what an AGGVIEW needs to be - a list of needs that may be handled by this concept
Part 2 of next weeks meeting dedicated to working on this - rSmart will try to be involved, LaGuardia will be for sure, Indiana is interested
Goal Management Tool
rSmart, Indiana, Syracuse
Improving the User Interface
Michigan & ???
With key input from Indiana, Syracuse and Amsterdam
Indiana will provide a list of pain points and trouble spots
A first pass would be to analyze OSP - and come up with a set of design guidelines to normalize the UI
rSmart has some role in that - needs to be determined
LaGuardia & ???
Participation and input from Michigan & Amsterdam & Indiana
Metatagging and searching
Closely linked to framework issues faced by GMT
Out of scope for 2.5
But design can take place between now and then
Need to isolate some use cases, examine grammar issues (restricted, free, shared)
Some names for this: Noah Botimer, Sean Kessler, Darren Cambridge
OOTB Examples - community library
Still waiting on some movement

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