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  • 2007-05-29 Conference Call
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OSP 2.5 Requirements Review:

  • Aggregated View: remaining issues will be entered into JIRA
  • Goal Management: remaining issues to be entered into JIRA; someone needs to develop a framework proposal for integrating goal-management with tools such as assignments

Institutional Priorities

  • rSmart: Reports and others tbd
  • Michigan: Aggregate views, User Interface, Portfolios
  • LaGuardia: Portfolios (no development resources this cycle)
  • Syracuse: Goal Management (development resources tbd)
  • Indiana: tbd (2 fte developers possible)
  • Saginaw Valley: Goal Management framework

Other Issues

  • Sean will be following FLUID discussions, representing OSP and possibly making recommendations
  • JIRA bugs need to be reviewed for OSP
  • Florida has expressed interest in developing a tool for XSL similar to their XSDWeaver tool
  • There will be a phone call announced to discuss the OSP training session in Amsterdam
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