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  • 2007-05-21 Conference Call
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Action Items

  1. Move all well-defined requirements into JIRA, possibly opening in new window (Beth/Jan)
  2. rSmart will meet on friday to discuss involvement with 2.5 release
  3. Move author flexibility into user experience
  4. Melissa to contact LaGuardia re: participation in call

Institutional Priorities

  • Aggregated view: Michigan, rSmart, ASU, etc.
  • GMT: rSmart, ASU, IU, Syracuse, Michigan (assignment related UI)
  • User Experience: deferred for further discussion
  • Reports: rSmart (tentative) & ASU
    • BIRT to be demo's in amsterdam
    • further investigation in reports....
    • John to talk to peter regarding saki tools
  • Portfolios: Laguardia, Michigan, rSmart (tentative)
  • Metatagging: tbd – Jan to add comments (ties in with student-centric/aggregated view)
  • Portal: rSmart
  • Rubrics: rSmart (tentative)
    • estimate: large (architecture medium; ui large)
    • move to goal management
    • used for assessment (e.g. description of level within goal scale)
  • Permissions: rSmart
  • OSP Library: (Noah, Nate, Will, Melissa)
    • ASU (e.g. uploading)
    • droopal vs sakai hosting?
  • Authoring flexibility: rSmart, Michigan (see also first bullet)
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