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  • 2007-03-19 Conference Call
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Goal Management Tool -

We discussed the problem with the evaluation tool when doing ratings.
Chris Maurer will talk to Jim Pease to discuss how to change the workflow options and report back to the list.


OSP-UI-04 - Beth says that she thinks that this is broken.


A family emergency prevented any meetings.
rSmart is going to be adding documentation on the sandbox.
UMich will have 4 or 5 cases to share in the next month.

Authoring Flexibility

All req's met
Edit and delete forms have been added by rSmart


Brooke reports that all is up to date.
Sean made no progress on docs...waiting on info from Brooke and John.

XSD weaver

No update.

2.5 requirements

Some discussion about the 2.5 requirements kickoff meeting.

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