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  • 2007-03-12 Conference Call
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Goal Management

  • Jim introduced a change to the way the Goal Management tool "association" task works. We discussed that the change makes it useful for top level management of the associations, but will limit the ability of course instructors to associate their worksite to another site.
  • Sean will make a video of the new workflow and the OSP tools GA
  • Everyone is urged to look at this to make sure it works for everyone.

UI Requirements

  • UI-4 - Hover over hint - Jim Eng is still working on it. Hopefully this will be done by the 15th.
  • UI 11 - Ability to add feedback to a single form item - done except for formatting
  • UI 12 - tabled
  • UI 13 - Removing metadata from Resources tool - on target for Mar 15
  • UI 15 - tables for 2.5
  • UI 16 - tabled
  • UI 17 - tabled
  • UI 18 - tabled
  • UI 19 - done


  • Melissa, Johnny and Jan have looked at 3 implementations for documentation
  • They plan to be done by the end of March
  • When 2.4 is released these implementations will be recreated on the rSmart sandbox instance

Authoring Flexibility

  • Editing forms - John Ellis - on target for 2.5
  • Preview modes for Matrices and Wizard Pages are done.

Report documentation

  • Sean will ask John and Brooke about the tool's inner workings

Report templates

  • Their will be some templates in the 2.4 release, but only those that will be useful for everyone.
  • Others will need to be packaged with the documentation for the specific implementations.

Report tool

  • The Scheduling features of the report tool will be done today.

XSD weaver

  • In contrib now
  • Is working with the Resources tool
  • Will soon be added to the Nightly build
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