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  • 2007-02-26 Conference Call
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Goal Management

GM-3 Not going to be done until post 2.4

User Interface


  • Displaying the form type has been resolved but requires work from Jim Eng. He will be likely be working until the end of the release on it.


  • Feedback on specific forms.
  • Assigned to Beth

UI-12 - post 2.4

UI-13 - Rework of the Forms workflow:

  • Resolved by John. Needs to be reviewed when:
    • the resources work being done in the column view is moved in to the "normal" view.
    • Which metadata is relevant?
    • Display of forms.

UI-15 - Comments should allow file attachments

  • may need to be post 2.4


Melissa will trying to facilitate the conversation for documentation around OSP.

Auth Flexibility

  • Still some work to be done on the wizard previews.


  • rSmart is working on it. They want to talk with Sean about the report tool documentation.
  • Work is done for allowing report definitions to be added without restarting the server.
  • There appear to be issues around getting automatic reporting requirements. John and Brooke will talk about the feasibility about doing this as a Quartz job.
  • Report templates - Sean has been working on the documentation effort and needs more feedback.
  • Jan is working on use cases for reports that will be included in either the community library or the OOTB tool.

xsd weaver

  • likely to be a contrib module
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