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  • 2007-02-05 Conference Call
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Jim will post some outstanding questions to the list, most tasks will be completed for 2.4


OSP-UI-1 done
OSP-UI-3 done, close original and open defects
OSP-UI-4 should be done this week, then reassign to Michigan
OSP-UI-8 done
OSP-UI-6 still available - volunteers!
OSP-UI-7 pretty much done - waiting for feedback from QA
OSP-UI-8 done
OSP-UI-9 pretty much done - waiting for feedback from QA
OSP-UI-10 Josh Ryan assigned himself - will hear more next week
OSP-UI-11 Gonzalo needs to get going on refining what this means....(hierarchy in cells)
OSP-UI-12 not done
OSP-UI-13 Gonzalo needs to get going on refining what this means....(form workflow redesign)
OSP-UI-14 Beth will pick this up after similar funct. achieved for matrices
OSP-UI-15 still available - volunteers!
OSP-UI-16 post 2.4
OSP-UI-17 still available - volunteers!
OSP-UI-18 post 2.4
OSP-UI-19 (open JIRA issues) - will close remaining one (SAK-5852) this week


Great progress, will have full report next week


OSP-WF-01 done
OSP-WF-02 done
OSP-WF-03 done for matrix, tbd for wizards
OSP-WF-04 post 2.4
OSP-WF-05 in progress
OSP-WF-06 in progress - completed for matrices
OSP-WF-07 in progress


Need to generalize so that things can be quantified.
How can we handle managing security on reports being run (arbitrary SQL statements) - out of scope for 2.4


Does XSDWeaver satisfy the requirement?
Brad approach: exposing XSDWeaver as a Sakai helper tool that can be chosen on the Forms tool in lieu of the file picker.

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