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  • 2007-01-29 Conference Call
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General Project Management

  • the weekly OSP call has been changed from 11:30 to 12:30 EST (only 1 hour)
  • Gonzalo suggested he take the OSP tools through a normalization process (he does this with other Sakai tools) once they are complete

Goal Management

  • Jim will not be able to get to GM-03, so he will need to be unassigned from the Jira task.
  • rSmart does not need GM-03 to be done for their clients. We recalled that IU thought it would be cool to build that functionality, but it isn't a requirement for them either.
  • GM-03 will be marked as out of scope for 2.4.
  • Sean asked for feedback on the method used to tie in the goal management evaluation method (GM-02). Jan mentioned that this would be important for future rSmart customers. She will look at the Indiana instance and provide feedback to the list. Chris will rebuild the instance at IU with new code.

User Interface

  • UI-03 and 13 - Gonzalo needs some feedback about whether his new work breaks any old schema
  • he also needs to know if there are any issues with the way the forms are displayed or work.
  • UI-04 - Jim Eng's work that was holding up the show is somewhat done in a new, alternative view of the resources tool. John Ellis will be working on this this week. John will need to do his work and leave a comment in the Jira task and watch Jim's task to ensure that it gets done right. Melissa and Beth will talk with Jim at UMich to make sure that Jim is aware the dependency.
  • UI-05 - Not started yet. Chris and John will work on it this week or maybe next week. John will create a Jira task.
  • UI-06 - Beth might be working on this one in two weeks.
  • UI-07 & 09- Chris has worked on these and will check it in this week.
  • UI-08 - Done - John
  • UI-10 - Beth may work on this at the end of February. Chris might have time this week.
  • UI-11 - Melissa will write more about this requirement this week.
  • UI-12 and 14 - No burning need from anyone to get these done. They are no longer assigned to UMich due to staffing concerns.
  • UI-16 - UMich needs to discuss about whether this is a priority.
  • UI-19 - John needs to connect these Jira's to another bug.


  • Melissa and Hannah will talk off line
  • rSmart is still in debate about what documentation they will release.
  • Use cases should go into the community library for now.
  • UMich is developing a "From Idea to Implementation" documentation with Wende. They will have it available by the end of Feb.

Authoring Flexibility

  • WF-04 - Beth says that this is a lot of work and is likely a post 2.4 item.
  • WF-06 - Ready for testing - Jan asked if this allow a user to delete a matrix. Beth will look into how much work would be needed to do that.


  • Jan is working with Brooke and a new UI person (Nathan) at rSmart to design some report templates; they will have more to share on this next week


  • Brad will ping UCF and touch base with Dale about this


  • Dawn will work off the QA server at Inidiana as more things become available to test 
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