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  • 2.5 Requirements - Portfolio and Layout UI Review
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UI Pages of the Portfolio Tool

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Heuristic Evaluations and Walkthroughs


Link to Review

Page 1

Manage Portfolios

Page 2

Add Portfolios

Page 3

Design Portfolio Step 1: Begin

Page 4

Design Portfolio Step 2: Design

Page 5

Design Portfolio Step 3: Share

Page 6

Style Picker

Page 7

Step 2: Add/Edit Page (Free Form Only)

Page 8

File Pickers

Page 9

My Comments

Page 10

Comments Written about My Portfolio

Page 11

Portfolio and Comment Detail

Page 12

Portfolio View

Page 13


Page 14

Download (this is a link to a file...not really a page)

Page 15


Page 16


Page 17

Manage Portfolio Layouts

Page 18

Add-Revise Layouts