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  • 2.5 Requirements - Meta-Tagging and Searching
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Meta-Tagging and Searching

Out of scope for OSP 2.5 but must be taken into consideration in relation to requirements for Goal Management and User Interface
Suggested group for additional thinking in this area: Noah Botimer, Sean Keesler, Melissa Peet, Darren Cambridge

  • Functionally similar to putting an item in a matrix cell or linking to a goal with the goal management tool.
  • Users tag items so that they can remember them and get back to them when they are ready to use them.
  • For success, social meaning is required, where user has information about how others have tagged similar items. We don't know what to construct personally unless we have social knowledge.

Possible ways to begin (and initially limit) development:

  1. Make all tools goal-aware? Goals are tags; ratings are tags.
  2. Free-tagging with categories prescribed by site organizers rather than completely ad hoc reflective context. Teachers pre-populate tags for students to use.
  3. In Resources, users tag items with themes, learning outcomes. Tags used for organizing and reflecting. Users create new tags, apply to existing content, and describe why items are tagged in this way.
  4. Create tagging manager for goals and other types of tags.
  5. Use Drupal