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UI Pages of the Matrix Tool

The blue pages are pages using for authoring matrices and cells,
Pink pages are user facing pages.

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Heuristic Evaluations and Walkthroughs

A proposed method for going through the tools can be found on the Fluid Project wiki (scroll down to the HEURISTIC CHECKLIST).



Link to Review

Page 1

Manage Matrices

Page 2

Add/Review Matrix

Page 3

Revise Cell

Page 4

Guidance Pages

Page 5

Select Evaluators

Page 22

Select Style

Page 6

Matrix View

Page 6b

Revise Matrix

Page 7

Matrix Cell View

Page 8

Add&Edit Form

Page 9

Create Form

Page 10

AddEdit Reflection

Page 11

Manage Status

Page 12

Add Feedback

Page 13

Add Evaluation

Page 17


Page 18


Page 19

Remove matrix

Page 20

Publish matrix

Page 16

Edit matrix row/col


  1. Great schema Sean! I believe the link from 1 to 15 should go from 6 to 15. Thus, screen 6 is both an authoring and user facing screen.

    1. I will add a line from 6 to 15...
      My intent for creating this map of the tool was to provide a visual that represents the scope of the review. I was hoping someone might say, "I'll do the pink pages".