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OpenMeetings Web conference is a tool that allows Sakai users to hold web conference events using an OpenMeetings server.

This tool has been developed by Samoo in a collaborative effort from 5 Spanish Universities: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Universidad de Lleida, Universidad de Murcia, Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia and Universidad Pública de Navarra.

You can test a demo here.


12/09/2017 - This tool is currently deprecated, there are no contributions / volunteers to maintain it. If you're interested in make contributions contact the Sakai Dev list


  • Check server status - indicates the connection status between the server and client.
  • Room listings – list of available meetings.
  • Creating a room – allows you to create a room and specify the room properties such as room name, room type, maximum number of users.
  • Scheduling – set the dates & times for when a meeting will begin & finish, or for how often a meeting will occur over a fixed period of time.
  • Accessing rooms – the ability to set the permissions for users entering a room. The user will either be a moderator or a guest. The moderator will have more privileges over the guest.
  • Notifications – To notify other Sakai users about video conference events you can; add a calendar event, announce the video conference session, send e-mail notifications.
  • Editing a room – change the properties of a room.
  • Deleting rooms – remove a room.

Release Information


  • JDK 1.5+ installed
  • Maven (to compile and deploy)
  • Tomcat with Sakai deployed and running
  • A database server: Oracle or MySql
  • Openmeetings 1.6.1



  1. Edit pom.xml file and change the version tag to reflect the Sakai version. Also make sure that the full profile or the open meetings profile is activated by default.
  2. For Sakai 2.6 or lower, edit …/tool/pom.xml and change JSF dependencies.
  3. Run Maven to compile the tool:
  • For Sakai <= 2.4, use Maven 1:

-      maven sakai

  • For Sakai >= 2.5 or trunk, use Maven 2:

-      mvn  clean install sakai:deploy

Edit your and add the following lines:

  • samoo.openmeetings.url=host:port
  • samoo.openmeetings.username=username
  • samoo.openmeetings.password=password

External database

The video conference tool needs a database to store all the information. Nowadays, only Oracle and MySql servers are supported by the tool.

You don’t need to create a new database or tables. The tool will use a Sakai database and will automatically create the tables that it needs.

If you are using a MySQL database and the SAKAI_USER, SAKAI_SITE or SAKAI_SITE_GROUP tables are not established with InnoDB engine, the script will fail. In that case, after deploying  the tool (and a new open meetings-tool folder was created) rename the file …/TOMCAT_SERVER/webapps/openmeetings-tool/WEB-INF/classes/mysql/sakai_videoconference_openmeetings_no_references.sql to …/TOMCAT_SERVER/webapps/openmeetings-tool/WEB-INF/classes/mysql/sakai_videoconference_openmeetings.sql

Sakai setup

Add the Video conference tool to a site

Use the “Worksite setup” or the “Site info” tool to add the video conference tool to a Sakai site:

  • Click “Add tools” link
  • Select “Sakai Openmeetings tool”
  • Click “Continue” to save changes


  • Questions?: If you have any questions please direct them to Samoo


1. Required settings:

To configure this tool properly you must add the following lines to your

Configuration key




2. Optional settings:

Setup tool permissions

To configure the “Sakai Open meetings” tool after it is deployed. The following permissions can be used:

Configuration key



allows a user to create a new room


allows a user to access a room created by this tool


allows a user to delete a room  created by this tool


allows a user to edit a room created by this tool


allows a user to moderate a room created by this tool



allows a user to see all rooms created by this tool, even if the user is not in the list of allowed users, or not pertains to any of the allowed groups



Samoo Team:

  • Francisco Saez
  • Sante Filice
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