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This tasks page is meant to let people know what the maint team is currently working on.
If you are curious how we decide what to work on then check out our processes.

Current Tasks

Completed Tasks

  • Deprecation recommendations of tools/services for 2.8
  • Start using JIRA to track all main team related work? (how to identify it)
  • Identify 2.7 QA issues which the team should work on and fix
  • Initial review of open JIRA tickets and resolution or commenting on first round "won't fix" issues
  • Solidify and document maint team working practices
  • Specify a chain of leadership for the team and leader responsibilities
  • Fixes for some security and release blocking issues
  • Review of overloaded devs in JIRA and transfer of issues
  • Get SVN admin access setup for all members
  • Nominate 3 possible leads for the team and send to the PC (NOTE: PC decided this was not needed)
  • Settle on an agenda for the weekly standups
  • Get JIRA admin access setup for all members
  • Get JIRA Maint Team bucket created and move issues into it
  • Move all security related issues into the Maint Team bucket
  • Find a meeting time that works for most people
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