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Our process

The maintenance team (MT) is a self-directed team. We determine priorities based on the needs of the community (in particular QA and releases). We work on things as our limited resources allow. The MT members all have a say in the focus of the team. The maintenance team proposal document has more details about the remit of the team.
Team members have areas of responsibility. Each area ideally has at least 2 members who are watching over it.

Development process

What we work on (ordered by priority)

  • Security issues
  • Release blockers
  • JIRA maintenance and management
  • Bug fixes for supported projects (list below)
    • Our priority is Class A, Class B, Class C, and finally Class D
  • Issues that are major, critical, or blockers

Supported projects

  • Maint Mode (MM) - When the maint team takes over a project is it placed into a maint mode
    • No new features, feature requests will be resolved with a note indicating the project is in maint mode
    • No low priority fixes or patches
    • We are happy to take a project out of maint mode if there is a commitment to support it
  • Class A - Projects with unstable/no team support
    • access
    • calendar summary
    • chat
    • config
    • content
    • master
    • preferences
    • reference
    • resetpass
    • roster
    • samples
    • su tool
    • user membership
    • web services
  • Class B - Service projects (release work managed by Whyte, Horwitz and Swinsburg)
    NOTE: Does not include the related tools unless listed above
    • common - archive, import, edu-person, import, privacy, type
    • edu-services - gradebook (Michelle Wagner lead), cm-service, sections service
    • emailtemplateservice
    • entitybroker
    • jobscheduler (Quartz)
    • jsf
    • polls
    • profile2
    • sakai-mock
    • sakai maven plugin
  • Class C - Pre-2.6 (responsible until 2.7.0 is released in Q1 2010)
    • alias
    • authz
    • cluster service
    • content service
    • db service
    • jcr
    • tool service
    • test harness
    • user service
  • Class D - Stealthed and/or deprecated projects (effectively no support)
    • blog (a.k.a. blogger)
    • mailtool
    • presentation
    • profile (legacy)
    • search

What we do not work on

  • Release management or branch management
  • Feature requests - we do not have the resources to work on feature requests
  • Issues for Sakai versions that are out of support - this includes 2.4 and older
  • Projects that have active teams working on them - samigo, osp, etc.
  • Incomplete issues - we only spend time on issues that are complete (include all relevant data), incomplete issues are resolved as such
  • Issues that are Minor or Trivial