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Info about recurring meetings and generally how we communicate (email, etc.) is here


Internal team organizing communication is via the email list.
Primary communication is on the email list.

Weekly standups

The maint team has a weekly meeting which is generally for the team members to talk through what they are working on. Anyone is welcome to listen in but we ask that non-members please refrain from interrupting the agenda.

Normal meeting time:
Wednesdays at 15:00 UTC/GMT (17:00 Amsterdam/Cape Town, 16:00 London, 11:00 New York, 8:00 Los Angeles, 01:00 Canberra).

Alternate (earlier) meeting time:
Wednesdays at 13:00 UTC/GMT (15:00 Amsterdam/Cape Town, 14:00 London, 9:00 New York, 6:00 Los Angeles, 23:00 Canberra).

Connection Info

Sakai Bridge: Sakai001 (schedule)
The Conference Bridges support both Internet (e.g., Polycom (appliance), XMeeting (OSX), Ekiga (Linux, Windows)) and telephone connections:

  • Telephone: +1 812 856 7060
  • Internet:
    Meeting Sign-in Information (via telephone or Internet):
    Conference Code: 22348#
    PIN: 72524#

Meeting Notes

Standing Agenda

  • Foundation/Release/QA updates
  • Member reports
    • What I accomplished in the past week (5 days)
    • What I plan to accomplish this week
    • What is blocking my progress
  • TODOs (upcoming things the team needs to focus on)
  • OTHER (things to discuss)
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