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Sakai Maintenance Team (a.k.a. "Sakai maint team" or "Sakai MT") home page

The maint team (MT) is a group of community members who work to keep the Sakai product maintained. We watch over the product architecture, fix bugs, apply patches, and help manage the issue tracker (see more details). The team only has a handful of members which are allocated at 5 hours a week or less. Since we have limited resources we have to limit the things that we work on to serious issues in critical areas.
Check out the members list to see who is on the team and how to join up.

Common questions

What does the maint team do? What does the maint team work on?
What are you currently working on?
How do you communicate? - Meeting Notes for our weekly meetings (includes details on the stuff we are doing and going to do)
Who owns a particular Sakai CLE Component