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Your Role in Sakai

Sakai is built upon a community of volunteers. Volunteers design the code, write the code, test the code, and help each other answer questions about all aspects of the code and its operations. That's the power of a community-source project.

Project Leads

Projects Leads are community members who have experience with a particular area of Sakai and have volunteered to help coordinate and facilitate activities in that area. A Project Lead is also expected help keep the community informed of activities in that area as well, and one expectation is that they provide regular, periodic updates to the community on their activity's status and future plans. The mechanism in place for this is the Sakai Status Summary Table.

The contents of this table are drawn directly from pages in each activities' own Confluence space. The "Status" information is drawn from a page called "PC-Status" and the "Plans" column comes from the "PC-Future Release Plans" page.

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