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Last revised June 2014

Sakai Project Timeline 2008-Present

(Interactive - Full events link)

Sakai Roadmap

Sakai 10

The most current release is Sakai 10, which was released on June, 2014.

Support for older releases

Sakai generally maintains both the current major release and the prior one - which is now Sakai 2.9. However generally only critical bugs and security fixes are maintained in a previous release and in the maintenance release branch. It's generally recommended to upgrade to the newest version of Sakai shortly after it's released

Sakai 2.9

Sakai 2.9 was released in 2013 and is currently in maintenance mode.

The major set of new tools and capabilities in 2.9 include:

  1. Neo Portal 
  2. Lesson Builder
  3. Mailsender

For full details please see the TCC voting summary


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  1. Most recent version of the Sakai CLE is 2.9[.2] (wink)

    1. Thanks Matt, updated this page. It's mostly a yearly refresh.