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Sakai Foundation Position Description

Projects Coordinator

The primary purpose of the Sakai Foundation Projects Coordinator is to track and report, to the community as a whole, on the activities of the Sakai Community. The Projects Coordinator is a very important role for the Sakai foundation and community and provides the cross-effort communication essential to coordinating the many projects which make up Sakai.

The ideal Sakai projects coordinator will have a blend of skills, including technical understanding of Sakai, ability to attend to detail, organizational skills, dedication to the overall goals and mission of Sakai, and be a consummate people person with excellent written and oral communication skills.

Expected activities

Tracks the following: Overall Schedule of Releases, Projects, major production deployments, and Work and Discussion Groups. The scope of the project coordinator is the entire community ranging from the highly focused release management process to the more diverse smaller efforts. They will have a global view of the Sakai Community and its efforts, and be able to communicate that view to all the community.

Maintains and publishes the Sakai Project Coordination Summary. This provides an overview of the activities in Sakai. This report should be updated every few weeks by having the project coordinator contact and interact with the leads for each activity across the Sakai Community. This report should be maintained in a public location, completely open to the world.

Is responsible of the Coordination group on the Sakai Collab server. This group is primarily intended to enhance the communication between the project coordinator and the leads of each project, but with the additional goal that the project coordination activities be done in the open so that the community can monitor and participate as appropriate in the project coordination efforts.

Is responsible for developing, publishing, and updating procedures around project management and coordination and participating in the development of procedures for other activities throughout Sakai.

Makes presentations at the Sakai Conference updating the community on the activities of the project.

Schedules and manages Coordination meetings as appropriate - these may be phone meetings, face-to-face meetings, or other forms of meetings.

Supports the Sakai Foundation Requirements activities. This includes attending Requirements meetings and assisting throughout the process to help produce high quality requirements. The PC will also assist the requirements process by contacting technical members of the Sakai community to get their input into the requirements process. Once the requirements group has prioritized and published the requirement priorities for a particular release, the PC will work with the Sakai Board and Community to find resources to accomplish the requirements to the extent possible.

Help bring parties with common interests together. Match resources and requirements.

Monitor all Sakai mailing lists. Primary responsibility for providing timely answers to questions that relate to project coordination and organization. For example:

o I want to modify component X, who do I contact?

o Who is the project lead for the Y Discussion Group.

o I am interested in writing a tool to Z, is there anyone else interested in this area?

Additional responsibilities as appropriate.

This position will initially report to the Sakai Chief Architect. When an Executive Director is hired, this position will report to the Sakai Executive Director.

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