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Connecting to a Bridge | #Schedule Explanation | World Clock

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Getting Connected

The Conference Bridges support both Internet (e.g., Polycom, XMeeting (for MacOS), Ekiga (Linux, Windows)) and telephone connections:

Dial in to the bridge Telephone: +1 812 856 7060
Polycom or Lifesize:
Tandberg or XMeeting: 22X@
GDS E.164: 0011439X
Then use the codes as follows:

  • Sakai001     +1 812 856 7060
    • Conference Code: 22348#
    • PIN: 72524# (no longer needed)
  • Sakai002     +1 812 856 7060
    • Conference Code: 22350#
    • PIN: 72524# (no longer needed)
  • Sakai003     +1 812 856 7060
    • Conference Code: 22386#
    • PIN: 72524# (no longer needed)

Schedule Explanation

  • The conference bridges are color-coded in the schedule (see key on right-hand side of calendar.)
  • Sakai001 is preferred for regular scheduled, recurring meetings, while Sakai002 and Sakai003 are preferred for first-come, first-serve ad-hoc meetings.
  • Contact the meeting organizer for connection information for calls scheduled in "Other System".
  • You can change your timezone preference for viewing the calendar by clicking on the timezone in the upper-left corner of the calendar.
  • During Spring and Fall, pay close attention to meetings times, as no all locales around the world switch on/off daylight savings time on the same day.

Conference Bridges provided courtesy of Indiana University.

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  1. Regarding the new changed numbers:

    I have been unable to connect to the number listed as the polycom contact. I was able to connect before with the old number and can connect to the polycom test numbers ( Also with XMeeting, I've had to use the conference code without 22, so 348#, 350# and 386#. The dial in instructions work fine.

  2. If you get an error saying "Sorry I didn't recognize that conference code, please try again." it may be because you are using a client such a Xmeeting which isn't able to be the first caller into a conference room, wait until someone else has joined and then you should be able to get in. Thanks to Matt Jones for this tip.