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Proposed Projects

The projects listed below may be little more than ideas or they may represent initial development work that has not yet reached the Contrib Project level. They are presented in the hopes of connecting interested parties with each other in order to further development of these ideas. In general these projects do not yet have a Confluence space describing their goals, however, each typically has an email thread or Jira with some information.

If you would like to share your project here with the community, please contact the Project Coordinator(Peter Knoop) to be added to the list. The next step for projects in the table below, when they are ready to be shared at-large with others in the Sakai community, is to move them into the Contrib space.



Jira Key


Contact Info


Jabber/XMPP based Chat


Jabber/XMPP proof of concept. See email thread.

David Horwitz


Debate tool


We are thinking of developing a simple text-based Debate tool in Sakai.
Features include:

1. Group-aware participants list and access control
2. Instructor / teaching assistant user group can post debate topic with specific start/end time and select participants list
3. Participant can input their comment on the topic and state 'For' / 'Against' / 'Neutral'
4. Instructor / teaching assistant can add instructor comments in between
5. After the end of the debate, instructor / TA can optionally put marks /
grade the debate for each participant and able to submit this to grade book

The online debate mechanism is very effective and interesting for students to participate. We have been using similar application written in Perl in standalone basis and the feedback is excellent. (Attached is the screen shot of the current application for your ref.)

Do you have any interests or comment on this tool? We have not confirmed whether to build this tool from scratch or build upon some of the existing tool in Sakai yet so your input is really appreciated.

William Wan


Praze Peer Review Tool


We currently have a project to develop an online peer-review tool (Praze). It is initially being developed to function within our Neo learning environment, but will be ported to Sakai around the middle of the year.

I would be interested to know whether there is interest in the broader community for this kind of tool, and if so, in what way you might use peer review in your educational setting.

We are developing the peer-review tool with flexibility of application in mind and several departments will be trialling it in different courses this semester. I can elaborate more if there is interest.



David Hirst


BIRT Integration


I've done some work to get a tool prepared for arbitrary data extraction from Sakai, and delivering it to an embedded instance of the Eclipse BIRT runtime for report generation. The tool is preliminary, but should provide a reasonable preview of the functionality. The reports are rendered into Resources for a site where the tool is embedded. HTML and PDF rendering is currently supported, with Excel and XSL:FO support planned (and pluggable emitters in the future).

I am developing examples for extracting Goal Management data, as well as other generic (assignment, gradebook, etc.) data. These will be added soon.

I have placed it, with some documentation at You should start with the README, but the UPDATE file has some more current information. I'll be merging the two shortly.

Please feel free to email me with questions or problems.

Noah Botimer


Oracle SIS


Integration of Oracle SIS with Sakai's CM API's by Oracle developers.

Josh Holtzman


IMS CP player


IMS CP player

Ian Boston


Fedora as Sakai's Content Repository

SAK-7833 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Provide an alternative to the existing ContentHostingService interface that stores content in database tables, directories, and files with one that stores and retrieves content in a Fedora Digital Object Repository.

Peter Murray




LAMS is a revolutionary new tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities. It provides teachers with a highly intuitive visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities. These activities can include a range of individual tasks, small group work and whole class activities based on both content and collaboration. LAMS can be used as a stand alone system or in combination with other learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle, WebCT or BlackBoard.





RAMS (Research Activity Management System) supports "process-oriented" research requirements.


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