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Project Coordination Meetings


The Project Coordination Meetings are for those directly involved in all aspects of Sakai development. The goals of such meetings are:

  • share and coordinate projects' plans for upcoming releases
  • discuss cross-project collaborations and aspects of design and development that impact Sakai as a whole

These meetings are not a replacement for discussion of these topics on appropriate Sakai email lists (e.g., sakai-dev), but rather are an opportunity to leverage face-to-face time, often by holding these meetings in conjunction with a conference Sakai community members are likely to be attending. Discussion topics should in general be surfaced prior to the meeting and on the email lists, through the circulation of a proposal or by posting on a topic to encourage discussion; posting on the list prior to the meet helps ensure those who cannot attend in person can offer their input, as well as providing an opportunity for meeting participants to consider topics beforehand and think about which break-out groups they might choose to participate in.


Next Meeting

  • Los Angeles 2011 in conjunction with the 12th Sakai Conference in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Past Meetings

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