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This is for the 2009 Sakai Development Process Webinar scheduled for Tuesday June 9, 13:00 Eastern Daylight (us). Details on teleconference and slide sharing technology:

This will handle both slide sharing and audio. You'll need a speaker/headset to hear and a microphone if you want to talk. Chat is also available if you don't have a microphone.

Webinar attendees

Please add your name to the list or RSVP directly to Michael Korcuska



Michael Korcuska

Sakai Foundation

Barry Walsh

Indiana University

Dan Mckee

Indiana University

Michael Lockett

Indiana University

Megan Perrone


Lisa Rothrauff

UC Berkeley

Jon Hays

UC Berkeley

Angela White

UC Berkeley

Eli Cochran

UC Berkeley

Marquess Lewis

Pearson Education

John A. Lewis


Cris Holdorph


Mark Berger

UC Berkeley

Benedikt Pfurtscheller, BSc

MCI Management Center, Innsbruck

Unknown User (, Tom Hall (maybe a few more)

Brock University

Christy Tucker

Performance Learning Systems

Makoto Tsuchitani

Stanford University

Gloria Hardman

Yale University

Kate Ellis

Indiana University

Rita K Pavolka

Indiana University

Lynn E. Ward

Indiana University

Olman Vásquez

Universidad Distrital

Jeff Pomerantz

UNC Chapel Hill

Joshua Baron

Marist College

Ian Boston

University of Cambridge

Jose Antonio

People Brazil Education

Steve Smail

Indiana University

Joe Shedd

Syracuse University

John Moore

Virginia Tech

Kevin McCarthy

Boston College

Tina Silverstein

Alameda County Office of Education

Ciellie Jansen van Vuuren

North West University

Adelle Lotter

North West University

Mathieu Plourde

University of Delaware

Lydia Li

Stanford University

Karen Tsao

Stanford University

Jing Wei

Stanford University

Andrew Sears

New York University

Ellen Healy

Boston University

Earle Nietzel

Marist College

John King

UC Berkeley

Gaurav Cedric Bhatnagar

Sakaibrary Project, University of Michigan