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  1. What the feature aims to accomplish and who should benefit from it - explained in clear, simple language.
  2. Any JIRA issues that relate to this feature change.
  3. Verification that the change functions as intended, it is complete and does not introduce blocker bugs in its functionality.
  4. Which institutions and individuals are committed to support and fix it, and for how long.  If it's already running in production somewhere, it would be helpful if that were also noted.
  5. Stepwise documentation of what this functionality does, in enough unambiguous detail that testers can confirm it behaves as intended.
  6. Other technical considerations, e.g.
    • What other dependencies are assumed, if any, and potential implications for other tools/functionality. e.g. does it include any API changes, or will a helper have a new workflow?
    • Are properties leveraged for this functionality?  If so, what are they?
    • What are the DDL and DML needs of this change? Is any data conversion required for this feature? If so how long will that conversion take?
    • What factors influence non-UX performance? E.g. Do calculations depend on the total number of users, or the number of users in a site, or the number of entries in a forum? Is performance linear or non-linear in those factors?
    • Are there any security implications of the change?
  7. Does / will the code conform to Sakai best practices? (To be realistic this is meant to apply to changes in the code base rather than to preexisting code. It isn't practical for a small change to trigger a re-examination of an entire tool.)  (But what are these best practices? How can this be known? CDF)
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  1. Could we get a more specific reference to the best practices mentioned in #11 and guidance on specific goals of the question/response? This question would be tough for me to answer without a guide, even though I'm pretty conscientious about patterns and practice.

    1. After re-editing the best practices item is now #6.

      This is a good point. There are several lists of best practices but Sakai doesn't have a canonical list. Maybe this should start out referring to an initial small set of good design principles while a more complete list is developed by the community.

    2. Do we mean coding/technical best practices? Or is this intended to be broader than that?