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NOTE: This is a holding place for the "Marketing and Adoption" group.  Please contact [] with questions.

Tag Line Brainstorming

• By educators for educators
• Flexible, free, open
• Strength of community
• What do the top universities have in common?
• What do (Ivy League school) (big state school) (liberal arts college) (community college) (distance education site) have in common?
• Crowd source: tap into the human collective
• Join good company
• In good company
• this is the company you want to be in.
• Don't let profit margins limit your innovation.
• Don't let budgets limit your innovation.
• The Sakai community: A 7x24x365 free help line.

button ideas

Sakai - not for sale
100% organic, grain fed, free range Sakai
Look ma, no programmers (just Sakai)
Make Sakai not war
I'm too sexy for PHP
Sakai - Safe Haven
160 institutions can't be wrong
Open Source is here to stay
This is the year of open

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