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See Deployment Source Code Repository (mSub).


Volunters are drawn from across time-zones to help process the requests for mSub directory creation and commit access.

Current Volunteers


  • Requests to set up a directory for an organization.
  • Requests for commit (or delegation if possible).


  • Check that an organization is a Sakai Partner before creating their mSub directory.
  • Check that the organization and the proposed committers have Sakai licensing agreements on file before creating directories or granting access. The Sakai license list is confidential and your are being provided access to it for the sole purpose of verifying that person being granted commit is covered by the proper licensing agreements. (If a proposed committer does not have a subversion account, simply request one, cc-ing them so they get their password, via the email list.)

Subversion Details

Subversion ACL policy is in maintained in this file: /usr/local/svn/config/svn-acl-policy.

  • SVN-admins need to be in the msub-admins group
  • Each directory should have read-write access for the Subversion Admins (e.g., @svn-admins = rw, the mSub Admins (@msub-admins = rw and the group whose directory it is (e.g., = rw), and read-only access for everyone else (* = r).
    @svn-admins = rw
    @msub-admins = rw = rw
    * = r
    ... =,,,,,,,
  • directories are located at the top of the file, and groups at the bottom
  • If someone doesn't have an existing subversion account, then request one from, cc-ing the person in question so they can be given their password directly. (Also make sure they have completed CCLAs and CLAs.)

After editing the file you need to check-in the results, e.g., svn ci svn-acl-policy, which will ask you to provide a comment and your credentials.