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Work in Progress

There are a variety of efforts to inform the design of Sakai 3, some of which fall in the area of user research, and others which involve a studied examination of functionality and lessons learned in the last decade.

Functional Visioning

  1. Teaching and Learning Community : Sakai's Teaching and Learning community has been rallying around an effort to distill fundamental user needs, and articulate a functional description of what Sakai should be trying to do for teachers and learners. Much of the current work is focused on the shared editing of a Learning Capabilities spreadsheet.
  2. OSP: Sakai's OSP community has also for some time been engaged in a review of portfolio capabilities, and what insights should anchor eportfolios in a new generation of product.

User Research

Sakai functionality in the past has not always been grounded in a serious study of the users its trying to serve. Sakai 3 has represented an opportunity for a deeper examination of our users, their activities and needs.

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